Our History


The Community Roundtable is a local, donor supported 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to engage Christian nonprofit organizations in the Pikes Peak Region as positive social contributors to the local community and to proactively promote the local economic and social impacts of its parent organizations to the public. In other words, the Community Roundtable helps unite local Christian organizations in jointly demonstrating we are good corporate neighbors – to both the economic and social health of the Pikes Peak region.

The Community Roundtable launched as an informal network of ministries in 1994 after a state ballot initiative failed to revoke the tax exempt status of religious nonprofit organizations. The ballot sponsors ran their campaign claiming nonprofits consumed more tax funded services than the value of the benefits they contributed to their local communities and therefore should have their tax exempt status revoked. The Community Roundtable began as a network of Christian nonprofits who sought to create an intentional, sustained and public presence in the region by collectively coordinating local volunteer efforts by their employees as well as gathering and reporting the positive financial impacts of its members in the local community. In 2003 the Community Roundtable matured from an informal network and organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation as we sought to serve a permanent role that effectively connected Christian nonprofits to the local community. Our 501(c)(3) status letter from the IRS was received in April 2005.

Since our inception in the 1990s we have focused our community volunteer efforts on “breaking the cycle of poverty in people’s lives in the Pikes Peak region.” Through our 20+ parent organizations we have mobilized resources, talents and volunteer time to assist the less fortunate citizens of our city. Plus we gather local economic and social impact data from our parent organizations to create an annual report that is distributed to hundreds of local leaders in the government, business and social service sectors.

The Community Roundtable has met with dozens of social service agencies in the Pikes Peak region to observe their operations, meet their leadership and invite them to our monthly meetings where they explain their mission and share their needs. These needs are then communicated to the Christian nonprofits that make up our membership. For many years the Community Roundtable “adopted” one of the organizations they had researched for a three-year term of sponsorship. At any given time at least three social service agencies were “adopted” by the Community Roundtable. In 2011 the Community Roundtable reduced the number of “adoptees” from three to two with each adopted for a two-year term of sponsorship. In place of a third adoptee, the Community Roundtable began funding a small grant open to all qualified social services agencies in the Pikes Peak region. During an adoption period the member Christian nonprofits are urged to focus their employee volunteer efforts and financial assistance by helping these adopted agencies succeed and grow in their social service mission and community impact. This typically involves recruiting board members to help strengthen governance, promoting the mission and needs of sponsored agencies to employees, recruiting volunteer efforts, providing cash and in-kind donations of talent, furnishings, equipment and supplies. The goal is to help the adopted social service agencies become stronger and more effective in the community and to build healthy partnering relationships between them and the Christian nonprofits located in our community.

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