Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in the Pikes Peak Region

Our Mission

The Community Roundtable (CRT) exists to demonstrate God’s love to the local community through practical volunteer service and financial donations to worthy causes; and to exhibit to the public the positive significance of the actions and contributions of its parent organizations. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty in people’s lives; specifically in the lives of children. Simply put, the Community Roundtable exists to provide the Christian nonprofit organizations of Colorado Springs with an opportunity to “give back” to our community, to be salt and light.

Our Impact

We offer help in six ways:

  1. Prayer support: CRT adoptee organizations share prayer needs and updates at each monthly luncheon.
  2. Expertise: Our Parent Organizations provide a wealth of talent in several areas such as technical support, accounting, human resources, development, grant writing, creative design, printing, and the list continues. Our Parent Organizations offer this expertise at no cost to our supported organizations.
  3. Volunteers: Collectively we represent over 3,600 employees. When needed our Parent Organizations can raise significant volunteer support.
  4. Financial resources: While limited, we can and do offer financial help to assist with significant needs.
  5. Materials: Material resources, books, tapes, videos, music, office equipment such as computers, faxes, desks, chairs etc.
  6. Networking: CRT monthly luncheons provide an opportunity for those serving at nonprofits in the Pikes Peak region to network with each other.

This support has made the difference for many local agencies.

View our Impact Report to learn more about how we help Colorado Springs.

Our History

The Community Roundtable launched as an informal network of ministries in 1994 after a state ballot initiative failed to revoke the tax exempt status of religious nonprofit organizations. The ballot sponsors ran their campaign claiming nonprofits consumed more tax funded services than the value of the benefits they contributed to their local communities and therefore should have their tax exempt status revoked. The Community Roundtable began as a network of Christian nonprofits who sought to create an intentional, sustained and public presence in the region by collectively coordinating local volunteer efforts by their employees as well as gathering and reporting the positive financial impacts of its members in the local community. In 2003 the Community Roundtable matured from an informal network and organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation as we sought to serve a permanent role that effectively connected Christian nonprofits to the local community. Our 501(c)(3) status letter from the IRS was received in April 2005.

Contact Us

PO Box 62113
Colorado Springs, CO 80962